Salt Over Gold, Or – What Is the “SALT BALSAM”?

Salt is used in fish breeding, treatment, convalescence after diseases, in purchase, and transport. It is not only used by aquarists in case of problems with breeding, but its utilisation has long been known in fishery thanks to its availability and bargain price.

Companies all around the world manufacture salt-based products, offering them in various combinations to breeders as medicine or preventive means for miscellaneous uses. Salt is a very wide term; in most cases, the word denotes common salt, i.e. sodium chloride (NaCl), which is most commonly employed in fishery. Marine salt is a popular means in fishkeeping, but its specification is much more complicated. Its use is therefore wider.

Marine salt is generally utilised as a good anti-parasitic, but beware! The difference in lethal (deadly) concentrations between fish and parasites is quite small and therefore the dosage must be very precise. The common idea that salt is normally added to aquarium water for prevention is wrong! It has to be noted that salt also considerably increases water conductivity, having adverse effects on certain plants as well as some species of South-American fish, especially tetras. Excessive doses, overdose, can be fatal to the aquarium. The saying “the less is sometimes more” holds true in this case.

Therefore DAJANA launches a new product – “SALT BALSAM”. This preparation combines marine salt and Aloe vera extract. Many of you have surely guessed the purpose of this combination. This finely balanced mixture of the two components is beneficial for the fish and the aquarium as a whole. However, it is always necessary to weigh up the reasons why the preparation is added to the aquarium, as this influences the dosage. It is also advisable to remember that salt-based preparations are not to be added to the aquarium on a daily basis as a preventive measure! In short, when using any such preparations, it is your duty to find out the cause and reason. These two words are crucial in the treatment of (not just) aquarium fish – the cause of disease, and the reason why and how you treat it!

Do not be afraid to utilise a new product for your nurslings, even for their transport, and administer the SALT BALSAM as a calming agent – not to you, of course, but to your fish. It is a delicate preparation that will allow you to intervene should the fish need to calm down, or if support of treatment of various infections is necessary.

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