The way to the roots of fish nutrition in the wild…

Tradition with a heart for nature


Our family company DAJANA PET, Ltd. is a manufacturer of feed for ornamental fish and terrarium animals. Over the past 25 years of dynamic development, we have successfully introduced our products to the markets of all five continents, both under the brand DAJANA® and under a variety of private labels for major players in our industry. The current product line includes more than 100 kinds of feed and products for treatment of aquarium water.

We devote major efforts to research and development of products that are flavoured and nutritionally balanced diet for fish. In recent years, we have emphasized the quality and origin of the raw materials, which are now almost 100% natural, while European origin. Feed safety and highly standardized production process, which meets only a handful of our competitors, was certified by the world-renowned English company Lloyd’s Register for the food industry standard ISO 22000: 2005 in 2011.

Legacy for the next generations


Current research and development has shifted back a little further and in cooperation with the European professional fish breeders is focused on renewable resources. Besides the high quality protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins of vegetable origin we are going to largely replace fish meal by insects, specifically insect larvaes breeded on farms where the production process does not have any negative impact on the environment.

While we were considering the possibility of using renewable resources of animal protein in feed formulations, we were looking for the path far to the roots of nutrition of the fish in the wild. We concluded that the insects should be an essential component of any feed, which is daily fed to fish kept in captivity.

This important step at the same time reduces the demand for fish meals and related aggressive fish trapping in the oceans heading for extinction of their entire population. We believe that this it will show the way to other manufacturers, not only in our industry, where production and trade should not just be about money and profit, but mostly about the responsibility. We can at least help this way, by our small contribution to get the fish stocks in the oceans restored and leave such a legacy for the next generations, our children, to which we can be proud of…

Aquarium fish diet even closer to the wild


…how else to present ourselves at the round anniversary of the company, but a unique range of products and this revolutionary change in the construction of the primary formula of our feed?

As a result of our strenuous work, your brand DAJANA® launches premium range of products labeled With its composition it imitates the diet of fish in the wild, increases vitality of fish, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system and resistance of fish to the daily negative influences in their artificially created environment of your home, also reducing the biological load in the tank and significantly helps the healthy coloring of fish, which as results confirmed our extensive testing in practice. Now there is no need to feed several types of single-purposed feeds. Just always only one, which naturally ensures that your inmates get all they need. To emphasize the importance of this step, we would also like to introduce a completely new look of our products of this Legend range, which are to represent our new way.



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