We are pleased to present a unique range of super premium INSECT SUPERFOOD fish feeds. These are recipes based on sustainable and renewable resources exclusively WITHOUT FISH MEAL, which, in addition to carefully selected four types of insects, contain high-quality ingredients, most of which have recently been considered “superfoods”. The MULTIBIOTIC effect of feeds is essential, which is ensured by carefully combined raw materials and additives that support the digestive system and significantly increase the amount of intestinal bacteria, probiotic bacteria that occur naturally in the digestive system.


GAFF FORMULA is our term used to collectively refer to Grain free and Fishmeal Free. This means that the feed is exclusively free of cereals and fishmeal.

Fishmeal used in fish feed is a product of global fishing, which has reached objectively unbearable levels in recent years. Industrial fishing and man-made farms have a huge impact on the environment in terms of pollution, damage to natural aquatic and coastal ecosystems, the spread of diseases and parasites and the gradual extinction of various species.

That is why we have decided to put our hand to the work and, by looking for alternative sources, we are trying to help combat the destruction of marine ecosystems.


This category of food includes the most concentrated and nutritionally rich natural ingredients in the world! The food in our new INSECT SUPERFOOD line is literally characterized by a miraculous natural force. They contain above-standard amounts of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, coenzymes, proteins, trace elements, essential fatty acids and other active substances. These components are known mainly for their ability to increase energy, vitality, strength, boost the immune system, increase the body’s resistance, detoxify the body and act preventively against disease.


are a natural source of food for fish and many other animals, including humans, and are a great source of protein and minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. It contains almost the same amount of protein as meat, but less fat and fewer calories. Insects contained in fish food support the function of the immune system. In addition, insects contain large amounts of chitin, which is a fantastic source of insoluble fiber. Chitin fiber as a prebiotic effectively supports the intestinal microflora. This means that it helps the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system.

BIOGEL: revolutionary novelty among aquarium fish food

Have you ever wondered, how it would be like to create your own feed for your aquarium pets? With DAJANA and new fish food BIOGEL you have a great opportunity right now. These fish food are easy to create in the comfort of your home within minutes and without any mess. Plus, it’s fun.

The BIOGEL is self-adhesive paste, which has a soft consistency that is natural for fish food in the nature. Not only thanks to this, but mainly due to carefully selected natural raw materials without artificial dyes, flavorings and aroma, this fish food is for your fish simply irresistible.

And whether you want to feed herbivorous or carnivorous fish, you will definitely choose… Read more at and .

New line of super premium soft food – WORMS

    One of the first things people think of when they say “natural fish food” is without dispute insect. Indeed, insects are a very important source of food for fish in the wild. This is why a high proportion of insects are based on our WORMS formula feeds.

     And specifically, which insects are the most attractive for fish? They are worms. After all, the fishermen have been catching fish successfully using worms for ages. For fish, the worms are not only a welcome treat, but also a valuable and complete natural source of nutrients.

     For your fish we want only the best, and that is why we are now introducing our hot news: WORMS PELLETS and WORMS FLAKES for your tropical and gold fish.

    We use meal worm meal, which has a high protein content and a low carbohydrate content.  At the same time, it contains all nine essential amino acids that are essential to the health of your aquarium fish. Meal from worms is a healthy and sustainable source of high quality nutrients that have excellent digestibility at the same time. In addition to this, there are even more kinds of worms in the products: earthworm, silk worm and bloodworms. Alltogether it makes the food super-palatable and attractive for fish.

    Whether you like to feed your fish with flakes or granules, you will definitely be able to choose your favorite type of feed. DAJANA WORMS are specially designed flakes and granules to be more stable in the water. This is one of the basic prerequisites for feed to help maintain a fragile aquarium ecosystem. Thanks to the ease of digestibility and high utilization of nutrients, the formation of harmful nitrogenous substances is also significantly reduced.

   It is natural for fish to occasionally catch some other smaller fish in nature. And we thought about it, and so it is typical for all formula formulations of the WORMS feed that they contain a high proportion of premium quality herring meal. It is not only easy to digest, it is also a perfect flavor for fish.

   Another completely natural part of the diet are algaes, which complement important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We add suitainably cropped seaweed to our feed. It is rich in iodine, vitamins B and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an excellent antioxidant, promotes healthy bone building, promotes wound healing and hematopoiesis.

  We really cared about the choice of raw materials, so there’s no artificial dye or preservative in DAJANA WORMS feeds. The whole concept of these super-premium recipes comes straight from the nature.

    And because we are aware that not every fish is the same, we designed recipe not only for tropical fish but also for “goldfish”. Goldfish are known to have incompletely developed digestive system, so it is essential to feed these fish with the feed that naturally helps to reduce the formation of waste materials. That’s why we created WORMS GOLDFISH PELLETS and WORMS GOLDFISH FLAKES. These contain reduced amounts of fat and thus reduce the risk of over-fattening, which is a common problem of these fish.

With unique recipe of DAJANA WORMS fish food, you have a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the secrets of nature and to give to your fishes what they really deserve.

Insect & Herring goldfish pellets

Soft texture, a high proportion of insect, herring and mycoprotein proteins – these are DAJANA SOFT feeds.

Now we are introducing to you the latest in this series of feeds, especially made for goldfish – Insect & Herring goldfish pellets.

The soft texture of this feed is natural for fish. SOFT feeds with soft texture remind texture of meat, so it’s more attractive than common feeds. After swallowing, granules  disintegrate before they reach the stomach. Thanks to this, they do not swell in the stomach and help to prevent health problems caused by eventual overfeeding.

Goldfish are well-known for not having well-developed digestion and excreting more waste products than other fish. We have thoroughly thought about this important fact, so we have developed this formula with high digestibility, avoiding an excessive strain on the delicate biological balance in the aquarium.

For goldfish is too much fat in their nutriment another common problem. We therefore reduced the fat content to 4%. This is the ideal amount of fats for the proper functioning of goldfish metabolism and thus greatly suppresses the risk of obesity.

One of the ingredients for the production of Insect & Herring goldfish pellets is astaxanthin. It is a very effective natural antioxidant and also a great dye ensuring distinctive colors of your fish.

And how feed would it be if it wouldn’t taste good? For this reason we’ve added garlic. Soft feed Insect & Herring Goldfish pellets is a welcome delicacy for goldfish.

Insect & Herring goldfish pellets will appreciate the fish not only in the aquarium but also in the garden ponds.


Guppy pellets SOFT


Guppies are one of the most distinctive coloured fish despite their size. For distinctive colouring and health together they should be fed with the right feed. GUPPY PELLETS contain herring meat and mycoprotein, which are rich in easily digestible proteins. Thanks to the content of the krill in the this feed, the perfect coloration of your guppies is guaranteed.

Breeding of colorful guppies mutations still progresses forward, but unfortunately at the expense of immunity, so they are not as resistant as they were before. That’s why we’ve been focused on support of fish immunity in developing this unique recipe. Garlic has strong antibacterial and antifungal effects and thus supports excellent fish immunity. In combination with spirulina that has anti-viral and detoxifying effects.

GUPPY PELLETS is the perfect food to keep your guppies healthy. Mycoprotein contains a large ammount nucleotides and amino acids that are essential for the proper functioning of metabolism and the immune system. Soft pellets are better accepted, than ordinary pellets and content of mycoprotein with garlic will provide a better natural flavor.

Any guppy doesn’t resist the taste of GUPPY PELLETS!

NANO STICKS – not only for nano aquarium

Freshwater shrimps have been bred in a variety of colors over time.  Probably even though they are small, they are becoming more and more popular among aquarists due to their stunning coloring.

These shrimps require a varied composition of the diet. Especially for the shrimp, the NANO STICKS feed formula will give them everything they need. It contains a high proportion of plants and algaes which are very important for shrimps. Kelp, spirulina, chlorella, spinach … all in this new feed you can find. We also didn’t forget raw materials of animal origin which are necessary for freshwater shrimps – you can find there fish hydrolysate, crustaceans and salmon oil known for its beneficial effects.

For the better use of nutrients and the addition of important minerals necessary for the construction of shells, we use the natural mineral zeolite. It is rich in trace element silicon, which is necessary for health of shrimps. In addition, it binds harmful substances to help detoxify the organism.

Sinking micro sticks fall on the bottom, slowly soften and shrimps gradually eat it. Your shrimps will love NANO STICKS!


NEW: BETTA PELLETS – Complete food for Betta fish

The betta fish can be real jewel in aquarium .If you want it to be like that, don’t keep them in glass balls or tiny aquariums and feed with right food.  And therefore we introduce you our new product – BETTA PELLETS.

The complete BETTA PELLETS feed in the form of small floating pellets contains a high proportion of astaxanthin and canthaxanthin that will brighten the color of fish. Fish swallow pellets in the whole, so it do not fall apart and thus it helps to maintain quality of water. This pellets also contain almost 60% of the animal proteins from herring and insect, which are a valuable source of high levels of healthy amino acids.


Bettas are relatively prone to fungal diseases. For this reason, we have added garlic to this feed. It prevents not only moulds, but also bacteria, viruses and parasites. And besides, garlic is also a great flavorant. Any Betta won’t resist…


And if you do not know where to buy our BETTA PELLETS, you can find it at the JK ANIMALS e-shop.


Liquid Carbon CO2


Product which helps your plants be strong, healthy, shiny.  Simply fertilized by CO2. Carbon dioxide is slowly released into your aquarium water during the following 12-18 hours after application. So it is needful to be used every day in a proper dosage. There is also a very interesting side effect, which is a very effective reducement of all kinds of algaes. It is not like a copper or other heavy metals, the active substance decomposes every hour, so there is not any danger of biocumulation in plants, animals or environment at all. 

The Story of a Family Business from the Heart of Europe That Is Conquering the World

The whole family is sitting at a large table, laughing, shouting one over another. A mixture of pleasant smells emanates from the kitchen, causing all mouths to water. Suddenly all quiets down and everyone’s eyes light up. Jana Matonová, a wife/mother/granny/mother-in-law, serves roast duck with cabbage. For several minutes, the house is full of nothing but silent smacking of lips. After a while, the family starts chatting about the oldest grandson’s school accomplishments and how the youngest one likes the kindergarten; what are the plans for the weekend and how the peach harvest goes this year. Business comes into question in the meantime, as a natural part of the agenda. The business of DAJANA PET, a company that currently exports aquarium fish feed to almost 50 countries. And how did it all begin?

At 26, Jana had a loving husband, two happy children and safe work as a university official. But she also had a big dream. She wanted to run a successful business and travel the world doing a job she likes. One day she decided to make her secret wish come true. Jana loved animals, so it was clear which way she would go. And what do animals need the most? Feed.

At the very beginning, it was necessary to find suitable premises and buy machinery, which meant a large investment. But Jana trusted her idea and decided to mortgage the family house. A big risk, but it cemented the family even more. Jana was sending the first products by post to various retail stores and pet shops all over the Czech Republic. She transported them by a push-cart. And with a smile on her face.

The company began to thrive and Jana was joined by her husband, Karel. He focused primarily on technologies, refining the formulas and visual identity of the brand. After two years, the Matons bought part of the local agricultural cooperative and began pondering expansion to foreign markets. But none of them spoke English. Even though they employed a translator at the beginning, they soon realised that direct contact with the customers is crucial and they started to study the language, taking private lessons and learning the vocabulary and grammar in the evenings. Their car for the business trips was an old Škoda 120, which not only served as a means of transport but also as a hotel. They slept in the car, had rolls with cheap paté for dinner, and instead of whirlpool bath in a fancy hotel, they had a water can in the boot of the car. They smile when telling these stories today, never regretting a single moment spent in the “field” conditions. This surely was more fun than staying in a luxurious hotel.

The company prospered, the Matons delighted in every small success, and soon the whole company watched with pleasure and satisfaction as the first truck full of their goods was heading to Europe. The relations within the company have been excellent because the Matons have promoted personal and friendly approach from the start. Satisfaction of their employees has always been important for them and they tighten the relationships at various events several times a year.

Their children, Lukáš and Lucie, took interest in the business when they grew up and gradually took over a large part of the responsibilities and duties. Jana was finally able to fulfil another dream – travelling. She travels the world with Karel, discovering it and enjoying all the beauties. They are both passionate photographers and they love to share their experiences, for instance, at exhibitions of their pictures. They became fascinated by Africa, where they return regularly for photographic expeditions. They also support various environmental organisations, ornithology events, etc.

The new generation takes good care of the company, and another member was added to the well-coordinated management team a few years ago – Tomáš Caizl, Lucie’s husband. The younger part of the team innovates the technologies and proposes new ideas, but the parents always have the last word. The Matons have handed the administration of the company over to their children, but they still take all the important decisions. As they say, the company is their third child, and you have to take care of your children all your life. The company keeps expanding, and we shall see how the grandchildren – Martin, Michal, Karel and David – will treat it twenty years from today.

They are small now but they all love nature, growing up among aquariums – an ideal background for the successors.

The way to the roots of fish nutrition in the wild…

Tradition with a heart for nature


Our family company DAJANA PET, Ltd. is a manufacturer of feed for ornamental fish and terrarium animals. Over the past 25 years of dynamic development, we have successfully introduced our products to the markets of all five continents, both under the brand DAJANA® and under a variety of private labels for major players in our industry. The current product line includes more than 100 kinds of feed and products for treatment of aquarium water.

We devote major efforts to research and development of products that are flavoured and nutritionally balanced diet for fish. In recent years, we have emphasized the quality and origin of the raw materials, which are now almost 100% natural, while European origin. Feed safety and highly standardized production process, which meets only a handful of our competitors, was certified by the world-renowned English company Lloyd’s Register for the food industry standard ISO 22000: 2005 in 2011.

Legacy for the next generations


Current research and development has shifted back a little further and in cooperation with the European professional fish breeders is focused on renewable resources. Besides the high quality protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins of vegetable origin we are going to largely replace fish meal by insects, specifically insect larvaes breeded on farms where the production process does not have any negative impact on the environment.

While we were considering the possibility of using renewable resources of animal protein in feed formulations, we were looking for the path far to the roots of nutrition of the fish in the wild. We concluded that the insects should be an essential component of any feed, which is daily fed to fish kept in captivity.

This important step at the same time reduces the demand for fish meals and related aggressive fish trapping in the oceans heading for extinction of their entire population. We believe that this it will show the way to other manufacturers, not only in our industry, where production and trade should not just be about money and profit, but mostly about the responsibility. We can at least help this way, by our small contribution to get the fish stocks in the oceans restored and leave such a legacy for the next generations, our children, to which we can be proud of…

Aquarium fish diet even closer to the wild


…how else to present ourselves at the round anniversary of the company, but a unique range of products and this revolutionary change in the construction of the primary formula of our feed?

As a result of our strenuous work, your brand DAJANA® launches premium range of products labeled With its composition it imitates the diet of fish in the wild, increases vitality of fish, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system and resistance of fish to the daily negative influences in their artificially created environment of your home, also reducing the biological load in the tank and significantly helps the healthy coloring of fish, which as results confirmed our extensive testing in practice. Now there is no need to feed several types of single-purposed feeds. Just always only one, which naturally ensures that your inmates get all they need. To emphasize the importance of this step, we would also like to introduce a completely new look of our products of this Legend range, which are to represent our new way.