Pond Algae Stop

Agent for clearing green water in garden ponds.;

Effective agent against most green algae floating in water. The balance of its biological and chemical components ensures a quick effect and only a minor intervention into the environment in the pond. In addition, high-quality peat extract in conjunction with humic acids prevent extensive penetration of light under the pond’s water surface, thus reducing the risk of creation and growth of algae on a long-term basis. If correctly used, it is harmless to the plants and fish, and clears water.

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Product Description


Declared quality / Vitamins:
Proteins: %
Fat: %
Humidity: %
Fibres: %
Ash: %
Vitamin A: U.I. / kg
Vitamin D3: U.I. / kg
Vitamin E: mg / kg
Vitamin C: mg / kg


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
500  500  16,91  8594000253181


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