Freshwater Aquarium Foods


We are pleased to offer you here on this web site our wide assortment of basic foods as well as a number of specialties for your aquarium creatures. If you look carefully you will see that our product line is highly varied to ensure that you can find exactly what you need.

Don’t rely solely on some universal food. While it may be true that the nutritional values of these foods will meet the needs of your aquarium creatures, the DAJANA PET portfolio is so broad and includes so many special foods, it would be a great shame not to offer these to your aquarium residents. It is a good idea to remember the natural selection of food each animal living in the wild makes. But the fish and other animals living in your aquarium certainly don’t have this freedom of choice and therefore depend entirely on your attention. For this reason we urge you to browse through our web site and add some of our exceptional supplements to the basic food you provide your fish. Your fish will undoubtedly appreciate the extra care you devote to them and in time you will also see the difference the supplements make in the colouring and condition of your fish.

The foods our company produces are of an extremely high quality and the ingredients we use come from pure and uncontaminated natural locations. Take a look as well at our plant-based products. The fact that each species of fish has its own specific needs is the motor that drives the development of new and higher quality foods. Therefore, when choosing a feeding regime it is a good idea to take into consideration the natural characteristics of your fish.
It is certainly no coincidence that the great variety of foods are produced in different forms such as flakes, granules, tablets, various powders, and many dried natural foods. After all, the shape of the food and the manner in which fish eat is truly very divergent – even more so in the case of newly hatched fish. What’s more, the individual components we produce as true specialties are intended for breeders who mix their own food blends.

Last but not least, we would like to point out our line of products for aquarium water treatment. The line of goods produced by our company is under constant laboratory control and meets strict European standards.

DAJANA PET wishes you a great deal of enjoyment and success in your aquarium hobby activities.