Pure natural peat extract with low pH;

Necessary for preparation of fresh water for amazon-type aquaria. Helps create a natural environment of rainforest water in your tank.

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Product Description


5 ml per 25 l water.


Use with START+ at the same time.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
100  100  3,38  15  8594000250364
 250  250  8,45  5  8594000251620
 500  500  16,91  3  8594000251637
1000 1000 3 8594000252092
5000 5000 1 8594000252283


Additional Information


Amazon is a pure product consisting of natural extracts. It is used for the preparation of aquarium water of the Amazonian type and it has a low pH. It helps to create a natural environment of rainforest water in your aquarium. This is especially important in the case of breeding “problematic”, insufficiently domesticated fish from this region. Importers of aquarium fish use these products to endure the quarantine period of imported fish into regions where water is significantly different from tropical water. Professional aquarists use such macerates to prepare growth water for the spawning of fish which have difficulties with propagation. This includes the following species: Symphysodon, Cheirodon, Sturisoma, Rineloricaria and some fragile Corydoras species.

If you want to breed these fish successfully, it is important to sum up the characteristics of tropical water. The water may have various colouration, from yellowish to blackish (it is coloured by humic acids and macerates of various trees and plants).

Tropical water contains tannins and lignin which have a bacteriostatic effect. It tends to be soft to very soft, almost without any carbonate hardness, with small conductivity and usually with a very low pH.

It is obvious that such water is not suitable for bacteria, mould fungi or algae. Fish imported from tropical water have difficulties adapting to other types of aquarium water. It is partly possible to simulate tropical water, although inaccurately. However, Amazon is a great aid facilitating this effort.

When using Amazon to treat spawn, you should not exceed the colouration of light tea, as it could cause delayed hatching of the fingerling, and possibly complete mummification of the spawn.

It is also recommended to apply appropriate doses of Amazon when eliminating infusorian cultures or excessive algae growth in the tank. In connection with a dose of CLEAR AQUA, it is possible to attain a highly effective, amber-opalizing aquarium water. Carefully boiled roots covered with Microsorium Pteropus fern are an aesthetically very suitable decorative accessory, which is prospering very well in this type of water.

Store the product in a cool dark place and always out of the reach of children!


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