Biofilter tabs

Biological filter;

High-quality starting and cleaning bacteria with enzymes in the form of tablets designed for you aquarium. Each tablet contains millions of colonies of cleaning bacteria. These will activate your new aquarium filter, which will start working only a few hours later. Simply put the tablets into the new aquarium or insert them directly into the filter between the filtration elements. The most efficient biological filtration is achieved through direct combination with respective filtration medium inside the filter.

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Product Description


Starting dose: small filter of up to 150 cm3 – 2 tablets; medium-sized filter of above 150 cm3 – 4 tablets; large filter of above 300 cm3 – 6 tablets.
The maintenance dose is 1-3 tablets for each filter once every two weeks.
The maintenance dose for decorative ponds is 10 tablets/m3 once a month.


Apply 1-3 tablets following any treatment intervention in the aquarium.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
100 35 12 8594000253099



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