BioGel Herbi – Self-adhesive feeding paste

Complete feed for all herbivorous aquarium fish and aquatic invertebrates.

I feed naturally! A new generation formula consisting of first class plant ingredients such as spirulina, seaweed, alfalfa and chlorella, which are rich in beneficial minerals and substances important for the healthy functioning of body organs, supplemented with first-rate insect-derived proteins. Together with other ingredients of this natural recipe, the feed provides proper regeneration of the organism, strong immunity and beautiful coloring of your fish.


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Product Description

Analytical constituents:


Crude protein: 43%

Crude fiber: 3%

Crude oils and fats: 2%

Crude ash: 7%

Moisture: 8%




ID672 Vitamin A (IU/kg): 24 000

ID671 Vitamin D3 (IU/kg): 1 500

Vitamin C (mg/kg): 450

Vitamin E (mg/kg): 100



Art. Nr. EAN
DP031B BioGel Herbi 5*10g 8594000258490


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