Agent for preparation of water;

Product for removal of excessive quantities of chlorine from ordinary tap water. Used during preparation of a new aquarium or during complete or partial exchange of aquarium water.

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Product Description


5 ml per 25 l water.


Combine with START+ and AMAZON to support bilological equilibrium.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
20  20  0,68  25  8594000251903
 100  100  3,38  10  8594000250432
 250  250  8,45  5  8594000251521
 500  500  16,91  5  8594000251538
 1000  1000  33,81  3  8594000250869
5000 5000 1 8594000252238

Additional Information


An agent used to remove excessive amount of chlorine which is sometimes present in water pipelines.

The maximum allowable quantity of chlorine for drinking water is 0.3 mg/l at the end user’s tap. Water treatment plants use chlorine gas both to eliminate bacterial contamination and as preventive disinfection. Even though it is very likely that this maximum allowable quantity of chlorine never reaches the end user (water suppliers usually give the figures 0.1-0.2 mg/l), it is very useful to use CHLOR STOP as an agent for the immediate removal of chlorine when you want to start a new aquarium or when you change a large amount of water in your aquarium.

Chlorine is a highly effective oxidizing substance and its long-term (or repeated) effect upon aquarium fish and plants could lead to undesirable consequences.

CHLOR STOP starts an immediate reaction during which the agent oxidizes and changes into a non-reactive substance (which is harmless to fish and plants) and a minute quantity of chlorides. By further influence of enzymes and microorganisms, this substance decomposes completely. When you want to start a new aquarium, it is recommended to apply appropriate doses of START+ and BIOFILTR in order to create biological balance in the aquarium. Professional aquarists use CHLOR STOP during quick and intensive changes of aquarium water volume in frequently overpopulated brooding tanks without sand and plants, only equipped with advanced technologies. In order to attenuate the influence of these radical actions, it is recommended to use the agent ALOE GEL, which is a pure natural extract from the plant Aloe Vera. It has excellent soothing and curative effects and it also favourably affects restoration and formation of protective skin mucus of fish.

The agent CHLOR STOP is also useful for aquarists or for owners of decorative outdoor ponds who use water from their own private wells. From time to time, wells need to be disinfected. Sodium hypochlorite is used for this purpose, a substance which effectively eliminates bacterial contamination of your well. The effects of sodium hypochlorite after it is applied in a well may also be reduced using the agent CHLOR STOP. Once CHLOR STOP is applied, the water from the well may be immediately used for an aquarium or a pond (of course, after an appropriate adjustment of temperature).

Store out of the reach of children! Observe basic hygienic rules when using this product.


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