CLEAR aqua

Agent for pure water;

Agent for creating crystal clear water in your aquarium.

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Product Description


5 ml per 25 l water daily until water gets clear.


After cleaning process exchange certain volume of the water, clean filter and apply START+ and BIOFILTR.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
100 100 10 8594000250463
250 250 5 8594000251743
500 500 3 8594000251750
1000 1000 3 8594000252153
5000 5000 1 8594000252153

Additional Information


This agent is used to achieve crystal clear water in your aquarium. It has a bacteriostatic and oxidizing effect, and it binds traces of metals. Clear Aqua should be used after the effect of the agents Start+ and Biofiltr (which develop biological balance in the aquarium) wears off. Clear Aqua is then used to “fine-tune” the aquarium water. This does not refer to biotopes similar to rainforest water, as they are brown-coloured due to forest macerates. In this case, it is recommended to apply appropriate doses of Clear Aqua and Amazon simultaneously (see Amazon). Water of the Amazonian type is soft acidic water with a relatively low conductivity; it is beautifully looking, brown-opalizing aquarium water, very stable against the propagation of infusorians, algae or bacteria.

Professional aquarists use Clear Aqua as a “second step” after chlorine is removed using the agent ChlorStop during quick and intensive changes of the full water volume in swimming tanks and hatching tanks. These tanks are often overpopulated, without sand and plants, only equipped with advanced technologies.

Clear Aqua is absolutely harmless to fish and aquarium plants. Always observe the dosage specified on the container label. Store the product in a cool dark place and always out of the reach of children! Observe basic hygienic rules when using this product.


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