Universal disinfecting agent;

Suitable for removing initial stages of bacterial infection, parasites and mould.

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Product Description


1 – 1,1 ml per 100 l water.


We recommend to increase water temperature by about 2°C, do not filter, turn the light off and increase air circulation. Then exchange half of the water and apply START+ and BIOFILTR.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
20  20  0,68  25  8594000251835
 100  100  3,38  10  8594000250470
 250  250  8,45  5  8594000251385
 500  500  16,91 3  8594000251392
 1000  1000  33,81  3  8594000250661
 5000  5000  169,07 1  8594000252160

Additional Information


This highly effective disinfecting agent has been used by aquarists for years and it has become almost legendary. It is very reliable in removing fungal infections, infections caused by single-celled organisms, skin and gill parasites, and initial stages of bacterial infections.


Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis, Oodinium, Trichodina, Costia, Tetrahymena, Columnaris, Saprolegnia and Achlya.


Determine the type of problem.

Before starting the treatment, it is recommended to test the sensitiveness of individual fish from the aquarium – for example in a 5-10 litre tank with air circulation only.

Change 1/2 or 2/3 of the aquarium water volume with fresh water.

Remove the filtration.

Turn off the soil filter.

Remove inner plastic-foam filter elements and boil them out, even at the cost of destroying the denitrifying bacteria; the bacteria can be restored after the treatment – see BIOFILTR.

Remove outer filters, disinfect individual filtration media and everything that could have come into contact with the infection, including the filter hoses.

Start intense air circulation. As regards motor filters, it is possible only to remove the filtration medium or the plastic-foam sponge, and connect a silicone hose for air suction to the motor head. The inlet opening of the motor pump should be provided with a screen to prevent the sucking-in of small fish and other organisms.

Dose FMC – always from the smallest dose and as accurately as possible!

Warm the aquarium water to 28°C.

Do not turn the aquarium light on throughout the period of the treatment.

After 3 days, change 1/2 of the aquarium water volume with fresh water and add a full dose of FMC.

Repeat the same process on the 6th day of the treatment.

On the 9th day without water change, add a half-dose of FMC.

On the 12th day, if the problem is solved, restore the equipment to the original condition. Temperature should be reduced gradually over a period of several days.

The water colouration will be gradually reduced by the water changes and the effect of light and microorganisms.

Approximately on the 15th day, apply an appropriate dose of denitrifying bacteria which had been damaged by the treatment – see BIOFILTR (Dajana PET).

It is also recommended to use START+; it binds metals and favourably affects the restoration of biological balance in the aquarium.

To conclude the treatment, after a few more days, apply an appropriate dose of ALOE GEL.


Never feed the fish during the treatment – the filter is not working. At the end of the treatment, feed the fish very moderately. If the fish eat, feed them every other day very small amounts of food.

Always finish the treatment fully, otherwise it is very likely that the contamination will recur.

The effect of FMC is increased in very soft and acidic aquarium water.

The agent is sold in a special container which prevents photodecomposition. However, store the product in a cool dark place and always out of the reach of children!

Observe basic hygienic rules when using this product. Do not eat, drink or smoke. When the agent comes into contact with mucous membranes, seek medical advice.

The product may stain clothes!


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