Herbivore mini sticks

This complete feed is intended for all aquatic turtles which require a high proportion of the vegetal ingredients in the feed or as a supplementary feed for predominantly carnivorous turtles. HERBIVORE MINI STICKS small granules are specially formulated to be eaten at once, so the feed does not break down, thus helping to maintain a good quality of water.

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Product Description

Ingredients: wheat, alfa alfa, soya, sunflower, apples, corn, wheat germ, linen seeds, spirulina, rosemary, minerals

Feeding advice: Feed several times daily the amount will be completly consumed within several minutes


Analytical constituents:

Crude proteins: 22,2%

Crude oils and fats: 3,4%

Crude fiber: 11%

Crude ash: 2,2%

Moisture: 8%



Vitamin A: 8500 IU/kg

Vitamin D3: 1.700 IU/kg

Vitamin C: 90mg/kg

Vitamin E: 85mg/kg




Art. Nr. Item EAN
DP254B Herbivore mini sticks 250 ml 8594000258377
DP254D Herbivore mini sticks 1.000 ml 8594000258384
DP254K Herbivore mini sticks 1.000 g 8594000258391


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