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The DAJANA KH test kit serves to measure carbonate hardness in fresh water aquaria exactly.

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The DAJANA KH test kit serves to measure carbonate hardness in fresh water aquaria exactly.



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DAJANA KH TEST KIT for fresh water

The quality and chemical properties of the water in an aquarium are of high importance for the life of all living organisms and plants contained in it. Hardness is one of the basic properties of aquarium water. Total hardness (GH) is divided into carbonate, or temporary, hardness (KH) and permanent hardness (NKH). In common aquarists’ practice it is possible to measure only GH and KH. NKH is to be calculated by substracting GH – KH.

This test is intended for the quick and exact measuring of KH in freshwater aquaria and garden ponds in degrees of German hardness °dKH. More about water hardness can be found at

Testing procedure

1.Dip the enclosed measuring glass into the tank and draw 5 ml of water for testing (Fig. 1)

2.Hold the bottle with the test solution in a vertical position over the measuring glass and start dropping the test solution into the water slowly – 1 drop at a time (Fig. 2)

3.Shake up the water with the solution in the measuring glass after each drop and check the colour shade (Fig.3)

4.Count the drops of the solution and at the moment when, after adding one drop, the colour of the sample changes from blue to yellow, the test is finished (Fig.4).

5. The number of drops of the solution (before the colour changed) equals the number of degrees of KH on the German hardness scale dKH. If the water turns yellow as soon as after the first drop, it means that the water hardness is less than or equal to 1º dKH.

6.After completing the test, empty the measuring glass and rinse in running water.

Setting the required KH value in the tank

For most fish kept in aquaria it is advisable to maintain the KH value in the range of 4º – 10º dKH. If the KH value drops below 4ºdKH, this can result in a strong decrease in the pH value. To increase the KH value in the tank, apply our preparation DAJANA KH+ and to reduce the KH value, apply the filtering medium DAJANA PEAT GRANULES. Adjust the values stepwise so as to avoid stress situations in the tank. Always add our preparation DAJANA START PLUS and BIOFILTR when exchanging or refilling water.

Safety instructions

Contains methyl alcohol.

S 2 – Keep out of children’s reach.

S 3/7/9 – Always keep the package carefully closed in a cool and well-aired place.

S 20/21 – Do not eat, drink or smoke when applying.

S 24/25 – Avoid contact with skin or eyes.

R11/18 – Highly flammable, can produce flammable mixtures of fumes with air when applied.

Producer: DAJANA PET, s.r.o., 783 14 Bohuňovice 686, Czech Republic.

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The DAJANA KH test kit serves to measure carbonate hardness in fresh water aquaria exactly.

Detailed information and instructions for use are to be found on the instruction slip inside the box.


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