Koi adult

Complete feedstuff for adult and larger fish.;

Appropriate for feeding throughout the year. In summer months it is recommended to be combined with other products of our series for garden ponds. It contains 10% of wheat buds that are highly recommended by professional Japanese breeders for feeding to garden fish in the months of spring and autumn when the metabolism of the fish slows down in the cold water and there is a danger of a worse digestibility of the food and, consequently, problems caused by the blocking of the food in the body or due to internal infections. The feedstuff is very rich in vitamin E, which eliminates old fat, thus permitting to create new supplies for a period in which the water in the pond gets cold.

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Product Description


Declared quality / Vitamins:
Proteins: 37 %
Fat: 6 %
Humidity: 9 %
Fibres: 2,4 %
Ash: 7 %
Vitamin A: 25000 U.I. / kg
Vitamin D3: 2800 U.I. / kg
Vitamin E: 220 mg / kg
Vitamin C: 330 mg / kg


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
1000  300  6 8594000252672
 5000  1800  1 8594000252832
 10000  3600  1 8594000252849



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