Micro tropical pellets

Complete granulated feed for small species of freshwater aquarium fish, such as Neon Tetra, Rasbora etc … Contains 45% of easily digestible proteins, especially fish and shrimp, helping to reduce harmful waste products in the aquarium. Natural antioxidants, combined with balanced composition, support the health of your fish.

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Product Description

Complete sinking food suitable for fish in size 1-2 cm.

Do you remember our product Neon Micro granules? We are here with novelty you will surely appreciate.

Because we want only the best for pets, we made inovation of this fish food. And it’s not only about change of design and name to MICRO TROPICAL PELLETS, but the main change is in composition and look of this fish food content.

Pellets contain rich amount of natural astaxanthin source, which is great colourant and antioxidant. Black pellets contain active plant charcoal which beneficially afects digestion thus improving of water quality in aquariums.

Size of pellets: 0,5 mm

Ingredients: Fish hydrolyzate, cereals, potatoes, brewer’s yeast, prawns, spirulina, astaxanthin

Feeding advice: Feed several times a day with the amount that fish can consume in a few minutes without the rest. Do not overfeed.


Analytical constituents

Proteins: 50 %

Crude fiber: 2 %

Crude oils and fats: 9 %

Crude ash: 7 %

Moisture: 8 %



Vit. A 22.000 IU/kg

Vit. D3 1.300 IU/kg

Vit. C 370 mg/kg

Vit. E 90 mg/kg




Art. Nr. EAN
DP103S Micro tropical pellets 80 ml 8594000259930
DP103A Micro tropical pellets 100 ml 8594000253341
DP103B Micro tropical pellets 250 ml 8594000253617
DP103G Micro tropical pellets 10 000 ml 859400025590-
DP103K1 Micro tropical pellets 1 kg


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