Agent for preparation of water;

Product for increasing the pH value in your aquarium to 7 and more.

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Product Description


5 ml per 25 l water.


pH to be measured after two hours. You may increase the dose as needed to get desired value.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
100  100  3,38  15  8594000250326
 250  250  8,45  5  8594000251668
500 500 3 8594000251675
1000 1000 3 8594000252115
5000 5000 1 8594000252306

Additional Information


An agent used to increase pH in your aquarium. It is used by aquarists and breeders who need hard, alkaline water with high conductivity for their fish. This sort of aquatic environment is sought by most African Cichlids from the lakes of Malawi and Tanganika, as well as by most viviparous fish.

As the required values of these biotopes more or less correspond only with well water, in most aquariums it will be necessary to adjust the water properties – increase pH. For these tasks you may use our products KH+ and pH BASIC. If you accidentally overdose pH BASIC in your aquarium, never decrease the attained value with pH ACID, but rather exchange aquarium water immediately with tap water, until you reach the required pH value.

Observe basic hygienic rules when using this product. Store in a cool dark place and always out of the reach of children!


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