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The DAJANA pH test kit is intended for the precise determination of the pH value in your aquarium or garden pond.

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The DAJANA pH test kit is intended for the precise determination of the pH value in your aquarium or garden pond.


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DAJANA pH TEST KIT for fresh water

Water in the aquarium

The quality and chemical properties of the water in an aquarium are of high importance for the life of all living organisms and plants kept in it. That is why you have to pay great attention to the quality of the water. In particular, the balance between so-called acidity and alkalinity is a property of high importance that you have to check regularly. In our case, the issue is the determination of the pH value in the water by means of our simple colour comparing test. Maintain the pH value in the range that is defined for the sorts of fish you keep in the tank. Generally, a pH value in the range of 6-8 pH can be recommended. A sharp decrease in the pH value as compared to your normal values indicates a deterioration in the water quality, and a certain amount of water has to be exchanged.

Testing procedure

1.Dip the enclosed measuring glass into the tank and draw 5 ml of water for testing (Fig. 1).

2.Hold the bottle with the test solution in a vertical position over the measuring glass and drop seven drops of the solution into the water (Fig. 2).

3.Shake up the water with the solution in the measuring glass (Fig. 3).

4.Compare the colour of the solution with the colour chart immediately and read the corresponding pH value (Fig. 4). Scroll the colour scale in front of the bottle and in the display window search for a colour match determining the pH value.

5.After finishing the test, empty and rinse the measuring glass in running water.

Setting the required pH value in the tank

The pH value is very closely related to the KH value, which it is also recommended to check frequently and which should be maintained in the range of 8º – 10º dKH, so as to avoid great variations in pH values. For this reason you may use our DAJANA KH TEST KIT. To increase the pH value in the tank, apply our preparation DAJANA pH BASIC (+), and to reduce the pH value, apply our preparation DAJANA pH ACID (-). Adjust the values stepwise, please, so as to avoid stress situations in the tank. If you adjust the pH value after exchanging or refilling the water, always apply our preparation DAJANA START PLUS and BIOFILTR to start up an optimum environment in the aquarium.

Safety instructions

Contains isopropyl alcohol. The preparation is flammable and irritant.

S 2 – Keep out of children’s reach.

S 3/7/9 – Always keep the package carefully closed in a cool and well-aired place.

S 20/21 – Do not eat, drink or smoke when applying.

S 24/25 – Avoid contact with skin or eyes.

R11/18 – Highly flammable, can produce flammable mixtures of fumes with air when applied.

Producer: DAJANA PET, s.r.o., 783 14 Bohuňovice 686, Czech Republic.

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The DAJANA pH test kit is intended for the precise determination of the pH value in your aquarium or garden pond.

Detailed information and instructions for use are to be found on the instruction slip inside the box.


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