Fertilising solution for cultivation of plants;

Gives plants necessary mineral substances and trace elements.

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Product Description


10 ml per 50 l water.


In new aquariums apply 1x per week, later only 2x per month.


Volume / Weight Packing EAN
ml g oz ks
100 100 10 8594000250371
250 250 5 8594000251569
500 500 3 8594000251576
1000 1000 3 8594000250999
5000 5000 1 8594000252252

Additional Information


A nutritious agent for plants in your aquarium.

High-quality materials are used for the production of this fertilizer – easily soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, as well as iron and boron.

Proflor is a type of fertilizer which is easily received by plants. It has a very strong buffering power and it stabilises pH in the aquarium.

Proflor also contains one of the most effective chelation agents – ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). This acid binds positively charged trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese, copper) upon molecules of organic compounds and it forms complex compounds (chelates). The strong bond of trace elements in chelates improves their acceptability by plants and it protects them from undesirable chemical bonding with elements which could cause irreversible blocking of their acceptance (such as phosphorus or iron).

Proflor contains a surplus of free EDTA which subsequently provides for chelation of calcium, magnesium and iron in aquarium water and for their use as nutrients. At the same time, this process reduces water hardness. Trace elements in the tank are then permanently receivable by plants, regardless of the water quality.


Fertilizing of aquarium plants is very important and you must pay special attention to it, as aquarium environment is usually substantially different from natural tropical water, especially in terms of pH, water hardness, salt content or humic substances. In aquariums with hard alkaline water (with higher pH), plants do not receive fertilizers very well.

In order to assure successful growth of plants in your aquarium, it is recommended to limit aeration by stones and to limit the use of motor filtration heads. It is necessary to find a compromise between the use of oxygen (O2) for aquarium animals and at the same time accomplish that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not escape from water, as it is important for plant growth.


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