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Garden ponds have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Anyone building this popular water biotype will recognize its undeniable virtues and when fish are introduced these ponds become the living heart of the garden. While some fish are more successful than others in garden ponds the one thing they have in common is their need for balanced nutrition. This is why DAJANA PET and top fish breeders have teamed up to develop the KOI and POND line of foods and preparations to meet all the development needs of your fish. You need only select the product for the type of fish in your pond.

Therefore, be sure to carefully choose the right food and food shape for your underwater friends. It is a good idea to adjust the shape and size of the food to the needs of your fish. If you have fish of different sizes in your pond, choose a combination of foods. You can feed your fish floating or sinking granules or food in a natural dried form. By choosing the right food you will be able to accentuate their colouring and strengthen the vitality of your fish. Through regular feedings of quality foods you will maintain your fish in top condition. All of our foods were created on the basis of the latest knowledge from the field of ichthyology and the experience of professional breeders. A heavy emphasis is placed on high quality ingredients, cutting-edge technology, and the latest packaging techniques. All of these are important for the prosperity of your water world. Don’t forget that a poorly chosen food, just like overfeeding, can start undesired processes that can cause your fish the same problems they would encounter in aquariums.

DAJANA PET also offers POND line water treatment products. These are essential in helping you create ideal conditions in your mini-ecosystem or to resolve difficult health conditions your fish may be facing.
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